why should you buy apple watch

Are you thinking about buying an Apple Watch?

Should you buy an Apple Watch?
Should you buy an Apple Watch?

You should ask yourself two question. What can you do with an Apple Watch? Is it worth investing in?

Here some ideas to help you find your own answer.

1. Apple Watch is a popular fashion accessory.

It is the best wearable tech design watch on the market. Why? Because Apple store has multiple watch bands that compliment with your style outfits.

A formal suit or fancy dress is not a problem, you can always find the band that fit with your style.

Also, A lot of styles and colours you could choose to display on your watch.

2. People said iPhone is a computer that fits in your pocket. Then, it is time for a smaller tech for your wrist.

3. An Apple Watch can do most of the things your iPhone do. Some important features like

Call and answer phone without reach out for your iPhone.

Notification just likes an iPhone

Track your health and fitness. Set your best work out goals and track it.

Use Apple Pay

It is a timekeeping. You can set time and event on calendar so that the watch will remind you later.

A lot of helpful apps to maximise Apple watch benefit.  

Have an AI assistant. Anything you need just ask Siri. For example, “hey Siri, who is Steve Job?”

Here come some downsides.

The new Apple Watch is expensive. it cost nearly the cost for an iPhone for LTE model.

Genuine Apple Watch bands and straps are not cheap.

Battery life low, you will need to charge your watch daily.

Apple Watch Screen scratches easily and very expensive to replace new screen.

You need an iPhone to go with an Apple Watch.

For someone does not like digital tech, apple watch is not a good choice.

If you just need a watch just to see the time then you should not get an Apple Watch.

Still undecided about it?

Go to your nearest Apple store test it and ask for expert to help you. If your friends or family member have one then borrows it for a day to try out.

Think smart, before you are going to buy an Apple Watch.

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