Tip to save money for buying new camera gear for beginner 2020

If you are looking to start a photography journey, you would need to invest a lot in camera gear. But this hobby would bring to you more fun and creative energy. Here are some best tips for you to save the money to get the best gear that is suitable for your situation.

1. Borrowing

This is the best start for beginner. Before you decide to buy your own camera, you should borrow it from a friend or family. So that you could test shoot some photos and learn the basic how to use the camera. Ask your friend for advice about camera gear is also an advantage.

2. Buying a use camera

This way could save hundreds of dollars compare to new equipment. There are few things you should check when looking for used camera like price discount, condition of it. You better check out your local camera store they may have secondhand camera with warranty and return policy. This is a peace of mind to go.

3. Buy older models

Most camera manufacturers have new product release cycle. When the new camera come out, you can get the older model for a discount price. Because the retailer wants to empty their shelf to stock new camera. Also, many camera owners will sell theirs old one to get the new gear.

4. Buy at Discount

Always check out for discount season like Christmas sale, half year sale and discount code.

5. Avoid buying camera kits

The kit is not a good discount way. Buy a camera and a good lens that is most suit for your need first. then later on, you could upgrade to better lens to explore new experience.

6. Consider buying third party lens

Some third party camera lenses and accessories is really good and cheaper than original lenses. Such as Sigma and Tamron, they offer high quality lenses that compatible with most original camera company.

7. Upgrade slowly and buy only when you need it

Only buy new lens when you really need it. It depends on your purpose of a camera. For example, you need camera most for outdoor sightseeing then pick the best combo for it. One day, you want to shoot for night party, you could borrow lenses or rent it for a day. It will help you save money and also service your requirement.

Your turn!

What do you think about our tips? Do you have any other opinions for saving money on new camera for beginner? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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